Blanka Vlašić: I will not change a thing on me anymore

Our athlete diva, who celebrated her 25th birthday on saturday, revealed for magazine „Glorija“ the details about her nose surgery, but also why she is the most happiest now of her all life, by saying that she is satisfied with her body and she bespoke: „Big breasts are not in anymore, now, the nice bottom is on the value.“

„ I don't remember anymore how my nose looked before. It seems to me like it was always like this. Actually, it is still my old nose, just a little bit more flat“ – openly speak our best athlete Blanka Vlašić in the interview for „Glorija“, published in new edition, which is on newsstands from Thursday, 13th November. In the first interview for a newspaper after aesthetic nose surgery, a month and a half ago, Blanka sincerely and confidently answered all the questions, to „Glorija“ journalist Dolores Tolić, also about the new, flat nose.

I would compare this procedure to dentist visit: operation takes only half an hour, and after two hours you may leave the clinic. Two days later, I continued my trainings. The worst was taking out the tampons from the nose after a few days, but it was more annoying than painful. Compared with thyroid operation three years ago, this is a joke. Only now I see how the operation was traumatic, because I had to strictly rest for a month. Fortunatly, it is now behind me. I need to take two pills every morning and the matter is resolved – Blanka Vlašić discussed her experience with the operation and added:
- I have long ago arranged the operation, and only awaited favorable moment. I planned to solve septum deviation, of which I had breathing difficulties, which bothered me as a sportsperson, but when I was in Zagreb aesthetic surgeon Sinisa Glumicic in whose clinic I had the surgery, suggested that he fixes a nose a little bit, I thought," Why not when I was already under anesthesia? "I would never go to that intervention only because of aesthetic reasons. I could live peacefully with my "old" nose until the end of life. In my family we all have „remarkable“ noses - the Split gymnasts replied to the question whether the operation may have been a birthday gift that she gave to herself. Blanka celebrated the 25th birthday last Saturday, and admits that she has never been happier.



- I do not have to be in love to be happy. I have some things resolved with myself, and when a person is satisfied with the inside, it can be seen on the outside - said Blanka Vlasic, and mentioned that there is no new love in her life and that with the ex-boyfriend Antonio Ergotic remained in good relations. The World Champion in high jumping spoke about her life beliefs, her perception of  marriage, what kind of men she likes and how essential cosmetic is for her. And finally, the answer to the question whether the se will "improve" some of their body part:.“Considering the constitution of my body, I think that everything on me is at the right size. In addition, Big breasts are not in anymore, now, the nice bottom is on the value.“- Blanka Vlašić said in an interview for „Glorija“.