Another operation interrupted Blanka’s Olympic prep

After losing the Beijing gold she so desired, the London Olympics were the perfect opportunity for the best Croatian athlete to take what she believes belongs to her. But, instead of calm preparations, Blanka spends time on therapy.

Blanka Vlašić was by far believed to be the greatest Croatian athlete that was to take the Olympic medal in London. Some would even say – gold, but sports can be so unpredictable, and any kind of prediction is in vain.  She saw that for herself when taking only silver in Beijing.

However, Blanka can’t seem to get the things going. In January she had an Achilles tendon operation, and her father Joško announced back then that it is time to turn the new page.  But, the bad luck keeps following our best athlete and Blanka had to go to London four months before the Olympics.

Blanka was good and regular in her training for the past five weeks, but she constantly felt pain in her left foot. One of the stitches kept causing problems after the Goteborg operation. It would not heal. At the end it turned out that during the operation a small piece of bone was left behind, constantly hurting Blanka, and lead to granuloma. Now they had to clean it” Josko Vlasic said about the problem for Sports News.

The loving father and demanding coach also added that these kinds of thing unfortunately happen, and that the doctors should not be blamed. He had also added that the operation should not affect the continuation of preparations.

I believe that things will be better now and that the problem is solved. We still have time until Olympics. It is good that Blanka was training hard, even though the pain was sometimes unbearable. She never gave up. However, we could not risk with not taking this operation now. If we have left it for later, who knows how the Achilles tendon would react on training that we have in front of us in the next month.”  

At the end Josko Vlasic has confirmed that Blanka will attend at the high runway. Off course, if there would not occur any more complications. And that would be good…