Starting in spring

There has been a change of plan, and Blanka’s return has been prolonged till spring and outdoor season.  

“For the past few months my leg has been much better.

My trainings have reached a higher level and my skills have increased. Some specific indicators are better than ever. All of that has given me hope to jump a few indoor meetings, starting with Split on January 29th and finalize at the European championship in Gothenburg at the beginning of March.

The latest trainings have shown that I need more time. My intuition is telling me not to hurry, and I’m going to listen this time. All this time and horrible experience I have been through over 2012 are a good reminder that it is better to start three months latter than to start only an hour to early.

I would like to show my gratitude to all of my fans and I hope to share a joy of my return with them in spring” - said Blanka.